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COBRATRAK Q ATTIVO - Stolen Vehicle Tracking System






OUR PRICE - £499.00 including VAT supplied and fitted
(Depending on vehicle - mobile fitting services available in Yorkshire area)

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With all the benefits of CobraTrak Q, the new CobraTrak Q attivo gives you the further advantage of being able to see precisely where your vehicle is at any given time, across Europe.

Owners can track, trace and interact with their vehicle online, using a new web application. Pin-point street level positioning with the ability to review exactly where the vehicle has been. For extra visibility and reassurance, the owner can receive positional updates direct to their mobile or even via fax. Other functions include time and distance tracking and a self-setting transport mode to avoid unnecessary alerts if the vehicle is being transported.

All the stolen vehicle recovery benefits of CobraTrak Q plus:

  • High visibility at any time with Street Level 'Position on Demand'
  • Find out where your vehicle has been with Time/Distance Tracking.

Subscription Prices

  Annual Subscription £inc VAT 3 Year Subscription £ inc VAT
Cobratrak Q £135 £385
Cobratrak Q attivo* £169 N/A

*CobraTrak Q attivo system also incurs ongoing usage charges for communications sent to and from the vehicle such as requesting a position on the vehicle

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