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Lidatek LE-30 LaserEcho

£279.00 including VAT

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The world's leading manufacturer in Laser Diffuser Technology. Until recently, our leading product was the World Class Lidatek LRC-100 Laser Diffuser.

What is the LE-30 Laser Transponder? The LE-30 or LaserECHO is a new device that activley detects all incoming laser pulses emitted from speed detection devices such as speed guns. Once it has detected an oncoming pulse the LE-30 will respond via an LED visual or audio warning to the driver. Works with Origin B2 , Road Pilot, Classic Road Angel, The New Road Angel & Snooper, This unit also works standalone.

Each LaserEcho LE-30 system includes the following:

  • One laser transponder Interface box Alarm Speaker, Alarm LED, System switch Mounting hardware and fasteners.
  • Bubble Level Installation Instructions.
  • Harness wiring
  • 1 Years Warranty.

After an encounter the system will enter a recycle mode for 30 seconds, preventing further alarms while the systems transponder recovers. At the end of the recycle mode the speaker will produce two beeps followed by a steady green LED, indicating that the system has re-entered standby mode.

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