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Micro GO

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microGo is the world's smallest GPS speed camera warning system. It uses the latest GPS technology and comes ready loaded with RoadPilot's industry standard database of speed camera locations and accident black spots in the UK and Europe.

microGo is ready to use - straight from the box. Simply plug the power lead into your lighter socket and you are ready to go. This plug-and-go ability makes it easy to move the microGo from vehicle to vehicle.
When you approach a fixed speed camera, microGo gives an audible and visual warning. An "Alert" sound is immediately followed by the words "Speed Camera. Speed Limit 40"... or 50, or 70 etc.
If you are driving faster than the permitted speed, microGo advises you to slow down until you've reached the permitted speed.
The display indicates the permitted speed AND your actual speed at the same time. It also indicates how close you are to the camera and the type of camera you are approaching.

microGo warns you of the following

  • Gatso
  • Specs
  • Truvelo
  • Trafipax
  • Accident blackspots
  • Congestion Charges
  • Tolls
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Free subscription update service for the first six months then only £50pa (less than £1 per week).

microGo has built-in intelligence - it's directional i.e. it won't warn you of speed cameras that are on the other side of the road. It's also speed sensitive. This means that it won't make an audible alarm if you are travelling below the speed limit. Unlike other speed detection devices, the microGo will only tell you to slow down and flash an alert if you are travelling above the speed limit, otherwise you will hear a simple beep.
And if you think that's clever, the microGo can change the illumination colour of it's screen - so that you can match the colour of your vehicle's instruments.

microGo features:

As well as being the world's smallest - and in our opinion best looking speed warning system, the microGo is packed full of useful features.

  • It's ready to go - straight out of the box.
  • It's easy to move from vehicle to vehicle.
  • It has voice AND visual alerts.
  • You can change the colour of it's screen.
    ...oh, and it fits neatly into your pocket...

Clear and Easy to Read Display

It's one-touch operating button means it's easy to display the following eight functions:

Speed Display Uses the GPS satellites to calculate your speed over ground with great precision. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable)
Camera Warning Shows your speed and the road's speed limit. The bar graph indicates the range to the speed camera. Audible and visual warnings are given if you are exceeding the speed limit.
Rescue ME™ Useful for advising rescue services and roadside assistance of your exact position.
Trip Computer Shows the Odometer and a re-settable Trip Counter. Displayed in mph or km/h (user selectable).
Compass Heading Shows your vehicle's heading as a rotating card "head up" compass display. Your current speed is also shown.
Congestion Charge Gives an advance warning when approaching on the boundary, and while in the Congestion Charge Zone.
Max Speed Alarm Activates when you exceed your personal speed limit (user selectable).
Date and time micro's GPS receiver receives extremely accurate information from an "atomic clock" providing precise time as well as showing the date.

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