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Micro Roadpilot

£249.00 including VAT

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View New Legislation on Sat Nav and Speed Camera Detection

Micro RoadPilot is the world's smallest GPS-based speed camera location system, yet delivers the same pinpoint accuracy and many of the features of RoadPilot Pro.

Product Overview

  • Simple one touch operation
  • Pinpoint accuracy of fixed speed camera locations
  • Alerts for all speed camera types plus accident black spots and conjestion charging
  • Provides speed limit information
  • Simple installation - moveable from car to car
  • Directional and speed sensitive - no false alarms
  • Free LaserPilot to detect mobile speed traps
  • Optional Radar Horn to detect the Mobile Mini Gatso
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Free subscription update service for the first six months then only £50pa (less than £1 per week).

Clear and Easy to Read Display

Camera Range
Camera Heading

Extremely accurate display of speed and compass heading. Speed and range user selectable to kilometres or mph.

Shows speed limit around hazard area and countdown range. Only alarms if you are exceeding the limit.

Depicting range (in miles and yards or metres) and the arrow indicates the approximate bearing of the nearest camera.

Indicates vehicles speed and rotating compass “heading up“ display according to direction of travel.
Rescue Me
Satellite Status
Date & Time
Trip Computer

Shows your position which can be used to inform emergency services where you are.

Providing a visual indication of the number of satellites received and relative signal strength.

micro’s GPS receiver receives extremely accurate information from an “atomic clock” providing precise time and showing date.

Illustrates Odometer and trip. The trip is user re-settable and can display miles or kilometres.

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