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Origin B2 Solo

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Origin B2 Solo

The Origin b2 Solo has all the features of the multi award-winning Origin b2 but also incorporates a unique integral antenna in the cradle.

This makes the b2 Solo detector much more "plug and play" and will ensure that you find it even easier to install. Hidden connector ports on the side of the cradle are another new feature that gives the whole set-up a much more discreet and streamlined appearance on the dashboard. The unit's sleek new black finish also makes the backlit LCD display stand out even brighter.

Origin b2 Solo - The Origin b2 Solo is a state-of-the-art Driver Safety and Information System using the latest GPS satellite technology combined with unique and patented features to warn drivers of approaching speed cameras,prevailing speed, mobile police laser traps, accident blackspots, schools and congestion charging zones.

The Origin b2 Solo's 128 bit high resolution LCD screen with enhanced graphics - displays speed limit, countdown-proximity bar (metres and seconds), GPS speedometer and road number.

What can the Origin b2 Solo do?

Speed Camera Detection
All speed camera types are displayed including Gatso, Truvelo, Specs, DS2, Speedmaster, Mobile Laser / Radar sites.

Speed Camera Detail
Road number displayed when in proximity of a speed camera.

Speed Information
Prevailing speed limit displayed when in proximity of speed cameras & hazard areas. Vehicle speed displayed at all times. Origin b2 Solo Patent user defined over-speed alert warns of excess speed.

Patent directional feature only provides alerts for cameras in the direction of travel; if a camera is reversible the Origin b2 Solo automatically alerts in both directions. The Origin b2 Solo is accurate to under 5 metres.

Time, Distance and Direction
Distance from fixed speed cameras and hazard areas shown in seconds and in metres. A progess bar fills as the camera nears.

Visual and Audible Warnings
LEDs flash red with increasing speed as speed camera or harzard area is approached. Voice warnings cleary state the speed camera/hazard type and the prevailing speed limit.

Alert Relevance
The 'Limitor' feature suppresses full alerts when the user is travelling under the speed limit. Motorway mode suppresses alerts off the motorway network.

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