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Snooper S6-R neo plus

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Snooper S6-R neo plus 

Latest newest edition Snooper S6-R neo plus with cool 'ice blue' screen for better clarity and a cooler look. Has all the features of the S6-R neo but has blue screen

Ultilising the very latest GPS and radar / laser technology, Snooper have created the S6-R neo - the ultimate driving aid.

Product Features

Snooper S6-R neo Alert Patterns
The Snooper S6-R neo plus has been designed to alert you to Police Safety Cameras, Accident Blackspots and Mobile Police Laser / Radar Traps. The Snooper S6-R Neo plus does this is the clearest way possible. The S6 will alert you visually via bright LCD display and audibly using the built in speaker.

Advanced GPS Technology
The geographical co-ordinates of all fixed speed monitoring systems and known accident blackspots have been stored on a Snooper database that is constantly monitored and updated by a data collection team. The Snooper S6-R neo plus then compares your position with the position of prevailing speed cameras and blackspots and alerts your via a speaker and an LED screen.

Laser & Radar Detection as Standard
The Snooper S6-R neo also comes complete with a radar/laser detector (RLD) which can either be mounted on the dashboard or inside the windscreen. The S6-RLD is also fully waterproof and comes complete with an under bonnet mounting kit.

Speed & Road Information
The Snooper S6-R neo will display the prevailing speed limit and road number at each accident blackspot or speed monitoring system located via GPS.

Optional Radar Detector Addon
The Snooper S6-R neo can be further enhanced with the optional Snooper S100 RLD remote radar detector. The S100 is a seperate module that powers directly from the Snooper S4 and has been designed to detect all types of radar.

Easy Subscription
No computer required as this unit has a built in modem, simply connect the unit with the supplied data cable to download the latest update. Subscription options are:

2.5 Years £99.95
6 months free, then £4.95 per month (£59.40 per annum)

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