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Snooper Syrius

SYRIUS - UK & IRELAND MAPS : £364.99 including VAT 

SYRIUS - EUROPEAN MAPS : £479.99 including VAT   

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View New Legislation on Sat Nav and Speed Camera Detection

The motoring section of MSN tested five high end Sat-nav systems including the Tom-Tom, Mio, Navman and Road Angel but Syrius came out on top thanks to it's stylish looks and excellent performance.

The Snooper Syrius Portable Satellite Navigation range are the latest, most advanced navigation and stylish products on the market. Not only does they guide you simply and effectively from door to door, they also has the added ability to alert you to ALL ‘fixed’ speed safety cameras and accident blackspots ensuring safe arrival at your destination.

The beauty of Snooper's Syrius is it’s simplicity. The unit comes with street level UK & Ireland mapping pre-programmed on a 256Mb SD card. All you need to do is attach the unit to your vehicles windscreen, switch it on and you are ready to go. It really is as simple that! There is no need to download any mapping from your PC or the internet, just plug in and play.

The latest design from the Snooper stable, the elegant Syrius - the most advanced satellite navigation product available today. A sophisticated, high gloss unit that wouldn't look out of place on even the most prestigious of vehicles.

Auto Ranging
There is no need to set the detection range of Syrius, as it automatically calculates the distance required depending on the speed limit. For instance it will alert you 200 meters in advance in a 30mph zone and up to 500 meters in a 70mph zone.

Smart Mute
Syrius recognises your speed. So if you are under the speed limit as you approach a speed camera or high risk zone it will only give you a visual alert. Of course if you are over the speed limit you will get a full audible alert including voice warnings.

Genuine Speed Camera safety location

Other units offer you the chance to know where speed cameras are on your route, but no other satellite navigation system utilises Snooper’s unique Enigma database. Enigma incorporates camera locations across Europe, so from Manchester to Monaco you will always be protected.

Indago offers even more unique features by using Snooper’s camera location technology. Unlike other portable navigators, Indago provides full, clear alerts, confirming the speed camera type, the speed limit at the point of the alert and counts down accurately to the hazard.

Features include:

  • ReadyReady to use - genuine plug and play
  • Fully portable - easily transferable from car to car
  • High Gloss unit
  • 4" Widescreen display
  • 2D and 3D Screen Views
  • Anti-reflective full colour 3.5" LCD Colour Display
  • Touch screen operation
  • Door to Door Navigation anywhere in the UK
  • UK Mapping included as standard
  • Large memory 256Mb SD card included
  • Route Preview - review calculated route before you start travelling
  • 7 Digit Postcode search (including space) - Simply key in the postcode of your destination and
  • Indago takes you straight to it
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Turn by Turn Voice instructions
  • Integrated GPS antenna
  • Your choice of route type: fastest, shortest or avoiding toll roads and congestion charge areas
  • Mapping provided by Navteq - the most accurate & up to date available
  • Extensive Points of Interest lists
  • Electronic Compass

Genuine Speed Camera detection using Snooper's Enigma database

Snooper Camera Detection Technology includes:-
Smart Mute - Automatically mutes alert if you are below the speed limit
Logic Modes - Detects cameras only if they are considered a risk. (ignores cameras on the opposite carriageway)
Speed limits at point of alert
Detects & visually identifies ALL fixed cameras by type.
Voice Alerts confirm camera type and speed limit

Provides advanced personal warning of:

  • Gatso Cameras
  • Truvelo Cameras
  • SPECs Cameras
  • Average Speed Roadwork Cameras
  • Watchman
  • Speedcurb
  • DS2 Speedmaster
  • Mobile Gatso & Truvelo Cameras
  • Accident Hotspots
  • High Risk Zones
  • Digital Cameras
  • Schools (optional)
  • Congestion Charge Cameras

Syrius includes:
Full accessory pack
Quick release windscreen suction cup bracket
USB connector lead for fast efficient downloads from your PC
12V Cigarette lighter supply/charger
AC Adaptor/charger
Download Software Disc
Security Protected 256Mb SD Card

Europeran Coverage:
Spain and Portugal

UK & Ireland

Commercial Vehicles:
Many drivers have asked for a low bridge option to be available on the Indago and now Snooper have given in to the demands.


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