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Extending the wire harness
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Lambo Style Doors > Hyundai Coupe

Ready & simple to install

A complete engineered solution for each specific application

Easy, fast installation, no welding and no paintwork necessary. (When installing the LSD solution, there is no need to weld or repaint the bodywork or doors. Slight modification of the fender might be necessary)

Fully adjustable, perfect fitting assured by 3D adjustability (horizontal, vertical and depth)

Manufac. Type Model Year Part No Price (pair) Order
Coupe GK   03/02- 50066001 £945

See footnotes: a, d, j, b

What does Lambo Style mean?

The Lambo Style System is a conversion kit to open the front doors like a Lamborghini. Therefore special hinges are supplied, which have to be fitted instead of the original hinges. The original door will stay.

Can I install the kit myself or do I have to go to a fitting facility?
Everybody who has mechanical skills can fit the hinges himself. We recommend the installation through a garage or one of our fitting facilities.

Can I also install it in 4-door car models?
You can install only the kit which is made for your car. We already have some 4-door models in our sales program. You can never use the kit from a 2-door model for a 4-door model.

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a) dismantling and slight modification of the fender might be necessary
b) only for 2 door models
c) the original wire harness can be used by rerouting, therefore a drill hole in the A-pillar might be necessary.
d) the wire harness extension is necessary
f) the standard indicator at the fender has to be slightly modified or replaced
g) the original windshield washer reservoir must be replaced by Ford part-no. 2S61.17618-AD and 1142518
i) the original windshield washer reservoir must be modified/made smaller or changed. Please check the chart with accessories for a replacement windshield washer reservoir.
j) vehicles with airbags in the doors - the functionality of the airbag needs to the tested after the cable is extended
k) parts of the original hinges need to be cut off. To go back to the original hinges there will be additional parts necessary please check chart with accessories
o) the cover of the charcoal filter needs to be modified.
z) application made for the US market - therefore no TUEV certificate available.

There will be no warranty for changes at the construction method of the car manufacturer or tolerances of a vehicle type

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