• They are fully waterproof and can be mounted outside or inside your car.
  • They are very easy to wire up as you just have 2 wires to connect to a 12volt supply. You can connect them to your side lights or even your inside door courtesy lights.
  • These LEDs can be cut every third LED as long as you seal the ends with some silicone sealant.
  • Places to fit then:-
          • Above or below the headlights
          • On the bumper
          • In the grill
          • On the mesh on your bumper
          • On the sill of your car
          • Under your car door for floor lighting
          • Wheel arches
          • Inside the car footwell

    The Flexible Bullet Style LED Strips come in 4 sizes and are priced in pairs

    Ultra White Strips

    £29 a pair
    Ultra White Strips
    £39 a pair
    Ultra White Strips
    £45 a pair
    Ultra White Strips
    £49 a pair